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Welcome! Delivering quality service for over forty years, Land Air Express is a full service expedited carrier now offering service throughout the US and Canada. With our fleet of over 300 vehicles to serve our customers, from a van to a 53-foot trailer load, we can deliver for you.

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We have a full compliment of services including guaranteed, standard, exclusive, same day, and hot shot services. Please contact your local representative for pricing and availability. Land Air Express also offers 2 man pickup and delivery, inside pickup and delivery, C.O.D. shipments, air ride equipment and lift gate services to meet your needs.

Our goal is to provide our customers with all the advantages technology brings. Currently our customers can track their shipment information in real time. We offer full EDI capability, proof of delivery, tracing and document imaging to our customers. You can also view our schedules at your convenience.

Land Air Express Services

At Land Air Express, we’ll take your “Hot-Shot” of any size, haul it any time Day or Night, and take it any where in the Continental U.S.
Everything from an envelope to a trailer load.
Land Air Express is bonded and fully insured.
Common and contract carrier authority in 48 states.
We are fully staffed with D.O.T. qualified drivers.
Over-the-road teams available.
Special equipment include units equipped with lift gates, air ride and roller beds.

Land Air Accessorial Charges
Advanced Charges Fee $2.00
Air Bill Preparation $5.00 Per Copy
Airport Drop See local pickup and delivery tariff
Airport Recovery Fee See local pickup and delivery tariff
Appointment Delivery See local pickup and delivery tariff
Attempted Delivery Regular Delivery Rate
Attempted Pickup Area Min. per Attempt
Container Build or Break See local pickup and delivery tariff
Dock Transfer Fee See local pickup and delivery tariff $2.00 / cwt
Faxed Copy of P.O.D. $3.00 Per Transmission
Hazardous Material Handling $75.00
Hotel & Residential Pickup or Delivery See local pickup and delivery tariff
In Bond Document Fee $35.00
Inside Pickup or Delivery See local pickup and delivery tariff
Liftgate Pickup or Delivery See local pickup and delivery tariff
Military pickup/deliver $25.00
Packaging Quoted
Residential Delivery Fee See local pickup and delivery tariff
Rural Route Pickup or Delivery $20.00 min. .02 per lb
Special Equipment (Pallet Jack, Blanketed, Carts, etc.) $15.00 per item
Storage After 4 Days $20.00 min. per day .02 lb $1.00 / cwt
Two Person See local pickup and delivery tariff
Unpack $50.00 Min. $10.00 / Carton
Waiting Time $48.00/hr 1/2 hour minimum.
A fee of .600 per $100.00 of declared value will be assessed on those shipments having a declared value exceeding $.50 cents a pound.
There will be a $10.00 minimum collection fee charged for the collection of C.O.D. funds of $1000.00 or less by the Carrier Any C.O.D. amount over $1000.00 will be charged at the rate of 1/2 of 1% of C.O.D. amount collected. Maximum charge of $150.00
All shipments, regardless of their commodity description, will be subject to the provisions as contained in this item and as such, the charges for the transportation thereof will be based upon the actual aggregate (total) weight or the computed weight, whichever is greater. Computed weight, as referred to herein, will be determined by multiplying the three extreme rectangular (or equivalent) dimensions in inches of the packages to determine the cubic inch content. The cubic inch content will then be divided by a factor of 250 cubic inches per pound to arrive at the computed weight. In determining the three dimensions for the computation of computed weight of a shipment, fractions of an inch will be increased to the next higher whole inch.
When requested by the consignor or consignee, Emergency, Special or Extra Service, not following the routine of the carrier in the regular performance of his business, but requiring delivery by motor vehicle, will be provided and charged for upon a special basis. Please contact your local land air express office to get your quote for exclusive use vans, straight trucks and tractor trailers.