Welcome to Delivery Express in Hugo, MN where we are here for all of your Same Day Shipping needs! !courier service Minneapolis

Delivery Express specializes in immediate shipping from Minnesota across North America and Canada. We employ the best group of drivers in the Twin Cities! We have a unique combination of personnel that gives us the edge in serving any business that crosses our path!

Delivering a Package

Delivering a Package

We are an immediate courier service that offers 24 hour delivery service with a live staff ready to assist in your shipping needs. Package and delivery services are needed at all hours of the day. Whether you have an urgent parcel that needs to arrive to a local destination quickly, or you need to service clients or markets not just the United States of America, but also Canada, our package delivery and quick delivery services can ensure that your packages arrive on time and to the required destination.
From Minneapolis to St. Paul, no other courier service is as dedicated and prompt as Delivery Express. For same day service and expedited trucking delivery, choose the company that guarantees their work from start to finish. Choose Delivery Express.


At Delivery Express, we value our customers and understand that quick delivery services are a must in today’s society.
When you call, you always talk to a live person, as to get your package delivery handled correctly and without fail. With honesty and our highly competitive rates, we are tough to beat for a speedy delivery service. No matter what time of year it is, our courier rates are competitive and fair.


We send dedicated vans for your shipment.

You can be sure that each delivery is focused solely on you and your customer. We have authority from the Department of Transportation in the United States and compliant with the Canadian Transportation authorities.We can handle small packages to 3 pallets with a maximum load of 3300 lbs. The inside maximum dimensions are 47″height, 50″width, 144″length. We are now accepting Class 1 & Class 2 Hazmat shipments under 1,000 lbs. We carry $1,000,000 in liability and $25,000 in cargo expedited trucking Minneapolisinsurance so you can rest knowing your packages are safe and insured.

With our quality customer service and our honest and competitive prices, each shipment at Delivery Express is custom tailored for the client and shipment. However, we can make on-the-spot changes that best fit your needs! We love remaining flexible for our customers! So, for prompt pickup and package delivery, contact our courier service today at (651) 762-9453 and get a free quote!