LTA takes action against errant e-scooter riders

SINGAPORE – The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is acting on recent complaints of errant e-scooter riders who have been riding recklessly at high speeds along footpaths and on roads, it said on Wednesday (Oct 19).

This comes after reports of several e-scooter riders travelling on the roads sparked worry among members of the public.

“As part of our enforcement strategy and effort, we have carried out several operations at various locations over the past weeks,” the authority said.

For instance, in an operation carried out on Tuesday (Oct 18) at Upper Aljunied Road, LTA officers stopped a rider who had been speeding and riding recklessly on the road. The rider’s e-scooter was seized and he will be assisting LTA with investigations.

Earlier, on Saturday (Oct 15), LTA also seized the e-scooter of another rider in an operation. The rider had been speeding and riding recklessly on the road, across a zebra crossing at the junction of Yishun Avenue 3 and Yishun Avenue 2.

“We take this opportunity to remind all e-scooter riders that it is an offence to use their personal mobility devices on the road and we will not hesitate to take enforcement action against any rider found doing so,” LTA added.

Last Friday (Oct 14), a one-and-a-half minute video was uploaded to Facebook, showing a man on an e-scooter travelling very close to the back of a bus, before moving into the second lane. He was travelling next to the bus before overtaking it. He was believed to be travelling at 50kmh along Aljunied Road, towards MacPherson Road.

Another clip of an e-scooter user overtaking a bus was uploaded on citizen journalism site Stomp on Sept 22.

In the minute-long clip showing a user wearing a helmet and riding on the left-most lane of the three-lane Mandai Road, the e-scooter user is seen passing a bus, nipping in ahead of a taxi, before cutting back close in front of the bus.

According to what was said in the video, the e-scooter was travelling at at least 60kmh.